78288725 Minutes With Messiah: Where Amazing Happens
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Where Amazing Happens

by Tim O'Hearn

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I wanted to do something quite amazing;
To change the world or to become a star.
Then God replied amazing is not something
You do; it's what I made you, who you are.

Amazing can be found in God's creation;
A drop of dew, a donkey, or a tree.
Amazing can be shown in his salvation;
Because of grace he is forgiving me.

Where God makes himself known to me,
That's where amazing happens.
At home, in my life, in his church,
That's where amazing is.

If I were to see something like an angel,
Now that would be amazing, this is true.
But when I see you meet a need you can fill
I see someone amazing, and it's you.

This song was written for Spiritual Explosion XII (also known as Spiritual Explosion 12 for those Roman numeral challenged among us). This year’s theme is “Where Amazing Happens,” which happens also to be the name of the song, by some coincidence. Spiritual Explosion is an annual gathering in Albuquerque of young people, principally from New Mexico. I have written songs for these events every year since 2009.

Spiritual Explosion XII will be held April 27-29, 2012 at the Riverside church of Christ, 3100 La Orilla NW, Albuquerque NM 87120.