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Spread the Word

by Tim O'Hearn

The following is an unpaid advertisement. The subject of this advertisement has neither requested nor paid for this publication. In fact, they are unaware of this (although if they are doing proper internet marketing they may become aware soon after publication).

How many New Testaments can you distribute in a year? Ten? A hundred? On your budget, none? Do you have a high-speed internet connection? You might be surprised at the true number.

Have you ever wanted to teach the gospel in a foreign language or in a foreign country, but you are lousy at languages, even your own? Fear not. You can do it. No miraculous gift or tedious study required. You don’t even have to be limited in the number of languages you want to teach in.

Are you worried about the illiteracy rates around the world? How do they affect the teaching of the gospel? What good is giving someone a Bible if they can’t read? Worry no more.

Now you (yes, you) can go “into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15) You can do it in your spare time, busy time, any time. You don’t even have to have the time. You can spread the word of God in the comfort of your living room, while you work, or even when stuck in freeway traffic.

Sound too good to be true? Consider this. Over a 100 day period one person (me) provided downloads of 547 New Testaments in 19 languages to 58 countries. It works. Absolutely free. (Fine print: you must have your own high-speed internet connection, at your own cost.) The software and the Bibles are at no cost to you.

How can I get this marvel of modern ministry, you ask. It is easy. It just takes a few minutes of your time. In your internet browser just go to www.faithcomesbyhearing.com/ambassador/free-audio-bible-download and select a Bible to download. Choose any of over 400 languages, though you might want to download one for your own listening pleasure first. Next register as an Audio Bible Ambassador and download the software to your computer. Add more languages to sponsor. Check your statistics regularly.

Faith Comes By Hearing is a non-profit corporation based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. It is the world’s leading provider of audio Bibles. Other than the bias inherent in certain popular translations, no specific denominational doctrine is taught. Recipients get the New Testament in their own “heart language” to listen to it at their convenience. Faith Comes By Hearing has a goal of recording the New Testament in 2,000 languages by the year 2016. (Monetary donations are always accepted and appreciated.)

In addition to the Ambassador program, this organization also provides bibles to the military on self-contained mp3 players, called Bible Sticks. For group use in areas where electrical power is scarce or non-existent, they also provide the “Proclaimer.” This is a solar/battery-powered playback device with digital sound quality to reach up to 300 people in one gathering. Other products, and even podcasts, are also available.

A philosophy of the organization is that people should hear the Bible in their “heart language.” That is the language they use in everyday life. If the Bible speaks to man, it must speak in his own language. A Bible that cannot be understood in one’s heart language will never reach one’s heart. Not every language has a written form. Not everyone reads their language in its written form. In many parts of the world, even today, all communication is oral. It is amazing how the oral tradition affects even those in a society inundated with the written word.

Minutes With Messiah does not normally advertise products or organizations. However, I have found this a simple yet effective way to spread the gospel in its purest form. I am proud to be an Audio Bible Ambassador, and believe that many people can help spread the good news through this means.

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