046797737 Minutes With Messiah: Job's Song
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Job's Song

by Tim O'Hearn

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When the storm winds blow within my life,
When my three friends blame me for all my strife,
When I get no help, even from my wife,
Even then, my God, you are there.

When the cyclone strips me of my mirth,
When the raiders rob me of all my worth,
When I start to curse the day of my birth,
Even then, my God, hear my prayer.

Why must I, Mighty God,
Have to feel your chast'ning rod.

When I have no one in whom to trust,
When the world around me seems so unjust,
When the things I touch all turn into dust,
Even then, my God, you will care.

Songs sometimes take interesting turns. The words to this song were written about two years ago, while I was playing with my son in the park during a particularly strong wind storm. The opening phrase only had to do with the wind I was feeling. Somehow, though, Job’s three friends crept in. That opened the door for Job’s wife and the man himself. From there it was a short jump to a song written from the point of view of the man who endured so much without ever knowing why.