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Make a Difference Monday

by Tim O'Hearn

[Piano version of music] [Audio version sung by the composer]
Score for song My Grace Is Enough

How can I change the world?
What can one person do?
I may not change my city,
But Iíll change my point of view.

Chorus: Make a difference Monday,
Tuesday, and Wednesday, too.
Throughout the week find one way
To help someone else get through.

Iíll touch one personís life.
Iíll change my own life, too.
It may seem like a small thing,
But itís something I can do.

The afternoon talent on KLOVE radio (Scott and Kelli) used to call each Monday, ďMake a Difference Monday.Ē They had listeners call in and tell what they have done to make a difference for others, or what others did to make a difference for them. It could be paying for the meal for the car behind you in the drive-through, or something someone said. Although they no longer do that, they do have their ďMake a Difference TourĒ where they go to various cities to serve people in various ways. I wrote this in 2011, and recently sent it to them.

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