597207 Minutes With Messiah: At My Mother\'s Knee
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At My Mother's Knee

by Tim O'Hearn

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At my mother's knee I learned about David.
At my mother's knee I came to know Paul, God and Christ, sin and salvation,
And how Jesus came to give us his all.
Lois or Eunice or Marjorie,
Mary or Linda, whoever she be;
There is no better place for me
Than learning of God at my mother's knee.

At my mother's knee I studied the Bible.
At my mother's knee I sang praise to God.
Love and joy, prayer and believeing.
Where Jesus was born, and places he trod.

This song was written when I realized I was leading singing on Mother’s Day. It was too late to publish in the May issue, so I am putting in this month.

The song includes what I call the “Timothy bar.” Paul mentions, in 2 Timothy 1:5, the grandmother (Lois) and mother (Eunice) of Timothy. In the song I mention them, and at the same time use my mother’s name, Marjorie. Since she was the mother of a Timothy, it is only appropriate.