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by Tim O'Hearn

She had recently moved to town after ending an abusive relationship. She was downtown on business and her bus was very late. She was also hungry. That was when TOWP (The Open Window People) approached her. They gave She a lunch and a flyer about Jesus. Later She called TOWP back and talked to them.

She learned that her kidneys were failing, and sat in her room gathering her seizure medication to commit suicide by overdose. Just then TOWP came down the hall to talk to her. Later She talked to TOWP and, at 11:30 at night, put on her Lord in baptism.

She turned to the Lord wholeheartedly. She set up Bible studies in her apartment building. She assembled with the saints regularly. Her kidneys started working again, and She gave the credit to God. Then She learned that her husband had located her. She disappeared for a while, eventually letting TOWP know She was safe in another state.

There had only been a small window of opportunity for somebody in that town to find her, teach her, reach her, and save her life and (more importantly) her soul. A small window, perhaps, but an open one. TOWP saw the window and took the opportunity. But that is what makes TOWP TOWP.

Who is TOWP? It might be anyone. TOWP is the person who looks for the open window of opportunity. It might be small, as in the case of She. It might be big, like with a long-time neighbor. But there is always a window of opportunity open, and TOWP looks for it. That is why TOWP are called that.

Not every TOWP hands out sack lunches and flyers. Some become one by walking away from a group telling off-color stories at work or school. Others invite neighbors to the assembly of the church, or to a Bible study. Maybe another TOWP creates a web site or writes articles. Sometimes they help people in distress, and take that window to teach about the one who heals all distresses.

Will every TOWP be successful at every window? No. Jesus reminds us that few will follow the way to life (Matt 7:14). Some people don't look for the window of opportunity. They figure the odds are against them, so they quit. The TOWP figures the odds are against them, so they try to improve the odds. They don't even count on seeing the results of their work. They know the results may be realized only by another TOWP. It is the results that matter, not who gets the credit, except that God gets the credit. "I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase." (1 Cor 3:6)

In Ex 32:26, Moses asks, "Who is on the Lord's side?" The Levites become TOWP and slay 3000 Israelite sinners. In Acts 2, the apostles become TOWP and "kill" 3000 sinners, making them dead to sin but alive to Christ. Who will answer Moses' question? Are you one of TOWP?

This article is for Dottie and Floyd and Christie and Loren, and all The Open Window People like them who jump through open windows.

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