597207 Minutes With Messiah: unstuck
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by Tim O'Hearn

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"I sink in deep mire, where there is no standing;"*
My feet deep in the mire, no footing is found.
But my Lord pulled me out, on the rock my feet landing;
He is my rock, my solid ground.

Chorus: Unstuck. Unstuck.
Set free from the past.
His word upholds me.
With love he enfolds me.
Now I am Unstuck at last.

I hold on to things, possessions surround me.
I just can't let them go, things I have amassed.
But my Lord reminds me, putting his arms around me,
Things are not mine, they will not last.

My tongue clings to my mouth, it keeps me from telling
Of the gospel of Christ, of how I've been saved.
But my Lord's sacrifice and his great love compeling
Demand I speak. I'm not enslaved.

*The first line comes from Psalm 69:2.

Spiritual Explosion, the annual youth rally of the Riverside church of Christ in Albuquerque, New Mexico has been canceled due to concerns about the spread of Covid19. The theme was supposed to have been “unstuck.” (Yes, without the capital for some reason.) I had already written a song based on this year’s proposed theme before the cancellation. Although I could not premier it at the event, I can still publish it here.