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Jesus, You Rock!

by Tim O'Hearn

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Jesus, you rock because you are my rock.
You walk with me every day.
You fight the powers of sin round the clock,
Protecting me all the way.

This is no game, not a video game.
The army of sin is real.
You are the giver of wealth and of fame;
You have the pow'r to heal.

You are my rock and my salvation.
You are my strength and my shield.
You help me conquer all temptation.
You are the sword that I wield.

Temptations come at me from far and wide
Trying to get me to sin.
Jesus the victor is now on my side,
And with him I know I'll win.
With Jesus how can I but win?

This song was written after somebody said, “You rock” in response to something I did for them. For those of my generation and older, that phrase is a good thing, along the lines of “you’re cool” or “gnarly, dude.” After what Jesus did for us, it only makes sense for us to tell him, “Jesus, you rock.” (And the lyric is a lot easier to write music for than “Gnarly Jesus.”) I also call it “the video game song.”