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What Does the Bible Say About...The Books to Be Opened?

I am trying to find the answer to the question what three book will Jesus/God have at the end of times I thought the answer was the book of deeds, the book of life, and the book of nations but I can't find any mention of the book of nations in the bible. I have also been told the answer is the book of light, the book of life, and the book of law but I can't find any mention of the book of light or law in the bible. Can you help me?


I find no mention in the scriptures of “three books.” Both Daniel (7:10) and the Revelation (20:12) speak of books being opened, in relation to the Roman persecutions of God’s people, and the punishment on Rome for those persecutions. But even those passages do not mention the number three. From the passage in the Revelation it appears to be at least three (books, and another book—the book of life). It could have been more than three.

Neither Daniel nor John identify what books (actually scrolls) are being opened. Perhaps they include the scrolls of the Law. Perhaps they include the gospels. Maybe it is just scrolls of the record of human history. The scriptures don’t say how many books or what they were. All we can be sure of is that they have been opened, since they are mentioned in two books of the Bible that both refer to the Roman Empire specifically, two books of prophecy that have been fulfilled before our time.