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What Does the Bible Say About..Letting God Know How You Feel?

I am aware that the Bible tells us to be honest when speaking with the Lord; However, I came to the realization that in order to do this I must also let him know that I am angry with him. True? I know that he knows what I feel without me vocalizing it right? It calls for Complete Honesty right? Aren't I to speak to him like he is my FATHER (which he is) and we sometimes do get angry with our earthly fathers, right? Not disrespectful...just open and honest.


There are examples in the Bible of people speaking to God just the way you seem to be describing. And these were God’s own prophets. Abraham argued with God in Genesis 18. Moses repeatedly questioned God’s decisions. The first chapter of Habakkuk is the prophet asking God, “Why are you bringing Babylon to punish Judah when they are more wicked than we?”

In Jeremiah 32 the prophet is told to buy land and hide the deed until Israel should come back from captivity. After he does what God says, Jeremiah prays to God and asks why God would tell him to do such a thing after telling him for years that Judah would be destroyed. My article about this prayer is titled “How to Question God.” It may address your concerns.

Basically, righteous men have argued with, or questioned, God on several occasions. If we are mad at God, he already knows it. It helps us get rid of the anger to let it out. Then maybe God will guide you to the appropriate scripture that answers your questions or your anger.