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What Does the Bible Say About..Why Jesus Was Arrested?

Why was Jesus arrested?


All four of the gospel accounts say that Jesus was arrested because the leaders of the Jews wanted to kill him (Matthew 26:3-4; Mark 14:1-2; Luke 22:2; John 11:53) out of envy (Mark 15:10). The charges varied throughout his trial: lying (Matthew 26:61; Mark 14:58-59); blasphemy (Matthew 26:65-66; Mark 14:64); many things (Mark 15:3); sedition against Rome (Luke 23:2); and just because he is a bad man (John 18:30).

In some defense of the Jewish leaders, they thought they had a valid reason for wanting Jesus dead. He had, in their view, violated the Sabbath and falsely claimed that God was his father, “Making himself equal with God.” (John 15:16-18) He did not strictly violate the Sabbath, and he was the Son of God, but they did not see it that way.