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What Does the Bible Say About..Blacks?

Are there any Black Africans listed in the Holy Bible? If so, which I'm sure, who are they?


I am not sure if Egyptians meet your definition of “Black Africans.” If so, then the Bible mentions a number of Egyptians, including all those mentioned from the time Joseph went to Egypt in Genesis to the time the Israelites fled Egypt in Exodus, as well as various Pharaohs and others in later books.

Even if the Egyptians are not considered, there are others mentioned. Moses had married an Ethiopian woman (Numbers 12). Philip preached to an Ethiopian eunuch, the treasurer of the ruler or Kandake of Ethiopia, in Acts 8. In Acts 2, some of the people who heard the apostles speak were from Libya, and may have included the Simon of Cyrene who helped carry the cross for Jesus (Matthew 27:32). (It is possible that this Simon was of Greek or Hebrew origin, rather than Libyan.) Generally speaking, the descendants of Ham son of Noah were the African nations.

So quite a number of prominent people in the Bible were, or may have been, black. Since God doesn’t pay attention to physical characteristics there may have been many others, but their ethnicity was not mentioned since it was not important.