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What Does the Bible Say About..Being Born Sinful?

In Pslams 58:3 it talks about a child being born into the world wicked. We all are born in sin. A child can't ask for forgiveness. Does it say anything in the bible about a child going to heaven. the only people that I thought that can go to heaven is goods elect. Their name is already in the book of life.


Psalm 58:3 does not say a child is born wicked. At worst it says that children may sin “as soon as they are born.” At best, it is an exaggeration for literary effect. Remember that this is written in a psalm, a type of poem. One of the literary devices used in some of the psalms is hyperbole, exaggeration to make a point. Something similar with what he says here might be the phrase that someone is “born with a silver spoon in his mouth,” meaning he was born rich. We don’t think that someone actually has a spoon in his mouth at birth. Later in the psalm he says “their poison is like the poison of a serpent,” and calls them “young lions.” Does this mean that the wicked actually have poisonous fangs or are literally young lions? Certainly not! Neither can this psalm be used to say that a child is born sinful.

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