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What Does the Bible Say About..Cain's Wife?

Who was Cain's wife? The Bible has a history of NOT mentioning women in the Bible so I have read how it is likely it was simply his sister or niece but I was wondering if there is another angle I am missing.


All the scripture tells us is that Cain had a wife. We don’t know her name or her background. Depending on how far after the birth of his siblings he married, it could be a sister, a niece, or some relative more distant. The Bible just doesn’t say, so it must not be important to salvation.

I am not sure that the Bible has a history of not mentioning women. The book “All the Women of the Bible” is no less thick than most of the books in the “All the XXX of the Bible” series. In 1 Kings and 2 Kings, the writer makes a point of mentioning the names of the mother of each of the kings of Judah (and none of the kings of Israel).