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What Does the Bible Say About...Dreaming of Candy?

What is the biblical context of candy? God has been showing in dreams of people giving me candy. Can you help me?


The closest thing in the Bible to candy as we know it is probably honeycomb. Honey itself was used as a general sweetener as well as energy food, but some people apparently ate honeycomb as a special treat. There are nine references to honeycomb in the Bible. Some are simple references to the actual honeycomb. Several, though compare the honeycomb to other things: God's law (Ps 19:10); the flattering words of a prostitute (Prov 5:3); pleasant words (Prov 16:24); and wisdom (Prov 24:13-14).

If you have been dreaming of people giving you candy, perhaps it indicates a desire for praise ("pleasant words") or worry that people are flattering you. However, this is a mere guess. You say they are from God, and I wonder how you know that. Since many things may induce dreams it is difficult to understand what caused them. When we have dreams like this, how do we know that they are not, in Dickens' words, "more of gravy than of grave"? Hebrews 1:1-2 specifically says that God no longer speaks to His people through the "various manners" in which he spoke before Christ. That would include dreams and visions.