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What Does the Bible Say About..Jeffrey Dahmer Being Saved?

I read an article where you stated Jeffrey Dahmer was forgiven by God, and wanted some clarification. Was he baptized into the church of Christ before his death?


Jeffery Dahmer was baptized on May 10, 1994. For a story about the man who baptized him, please go to this article in the Christian Chronicle

I also read an article in "Christian Woman" a few years ago about Mary Mott, who contacted Dahmer in prison and began a correspondence that led to his baptism.

Whenever I mention Dahmer's baptism, I often hear people say they don't believe his conversion was genuine. That is for God to judge, and not for me, or any human being. I choose to believe he was honest in his desire to be immersed for forgiveness of his sins. If God could save Jeffery Dahmer, or Saul of Tarsus, surely he can save me.

One point of clarification, though. He was not baptized into the church of Christ. He was baptized into Christ. We are not saved by a church, but by the son of God. I understand it may have been a poor choice of wording on your part, but I want to make sure all my readers understand that the Bible doesn't teach that we should be baptized into any church. When we are baptized we are added to Christ's church (Acts 2:47).