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What Does the Bible Say About..Changing Times?

Does Daniel predict Jesus as the false prophet he was refering to? In Daniel it says he shall change laws ad the time. Is that referring to how he told Jews not to follow laws of God? And having pagan holidays such as Easter, Christmas. The changing of Hebrew calendar AND DIVIDING THE YEARS?


The verse to which you refer (Daniel 7:25) is, according to Daniel, speaking about one of the Roman emperors, and based on the number of horns it would most likely be Domitian.

It could not be Jesus. Jesus never told anyone not to follow the laws of God. Being a Jew, he was very strict in his observance of the Law of Moses. Jesus did not institute the holidays of Easter or Christmas. Those were instituted long after his death, and many Christians still do not observe those as religious holidays. As far as I know, the Hebrew calendar has not been changed. Later this week the year 5768 will begin. Some years, like the one just ending, add another month as they have done for centuries. The Hebrew calendar still exists as it has for fifty-seven and a half centuries. It is true that several centuries after Jesus died that some people began counting time from an estimate of his birth. But even this is nothing new. The Jews have been known to do the same thing. “In the third year of the reign of Jehoiakim.” (Daniel 1:1) “Two years before the earthquake.” (Amos 1:1) The calendar in common use worldwide is the Roman calendar that predated Jesus. The only difference is that someone, following the example of people the world over, chose an approximation of the birth of Jesus as the starting date rather than the accession of Augustus or Nero or some other emperor. (And when they did this, they even missed by about four years.)

None of the things you attribute to Jesus were done by him, so this verse clearly does not refer to him. It especially cannot refer to him because he was never a king of the Roman Empire.