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What Does the Bible Say About...Evolution, Cavemen, and Dinosaurs?

What about evolution? Do the cavemen prove anything? Because there is definite evidence of that--they have found the "fossils", or skeletons of them. How can we explain that? Are there dinosaurs in the Bible? Why would God want them?


First, what about evolution? That depends on what you mean by evolution. There are almost as many variations of the "theory of evolution" as there are religions. In the strictest scientific sense, evolution occurs. The average man today is about a foot taller than the average man during the days when knights wore armor. That is evolution--man has evolved from what he was. But he is still man. Genesis 1:12, 21, 24 talk about each living thing in creation bringing forth "after their own kind." Never has science been able to find evidence of any crossover between kinds of life. There is no "missing link."

But such a discussion really obscures the ultimate problem. The Bible and science are not about the same things. The Bible is not a science textbook. Science can't answer the questions about creation (evolution assumes a creator somewhere), man's purpose in life, or what happens after we die. Too many preachers try to be scientists and too many scientists try to be preachers. Then they argue about things they know nothing about.

Ultimately, Genesis 1 says that God created. He gives the order of creation, which happens to be the same order the scientists give for the development or creation of life. how each life form evolved after creation is not something the Bible addresses.

Do the cavemen prove anything? So called "cavemen" have existed. Some may still exist. That is, I have heard of people living in caves. The Bible doesn't talk about cavemen in the sense you probably mean. From a practical rather than biblical standpoint, yes, the cavemen do prove something. They prove that men have adapted to their surroundings quite well. Some build houses, others live in caves, still others live in tents.

Are there dinosaurs in the Bible? And why would God want them? The answer to the second question is, the Bible doesn't say, and I don't know. Why does God want flies or dogs, or people? But are there dinosaurs in the Bible? Perhaps. We know that Genesis 1:20-25 tells about the creation of aquatic creatures, birds, reptiles, and other beasts. That appears to cover every category of dinosaur that I have ever read about. Job 41:11, Psalm 74:14 and 104:26 all speak of "Leviathan," a sea creature. Some interpret it to be the crocodile, but that is not certain. It may have been some aquatic dinosaur-like creature. We don't know. Job 40:15-24 tells of "behemoth," which some say is the hippopotamus, but may have been a dinosaur-like creature. The Bible lists some men with very long lives, even 900 years. If a modern lizard lived a comparatively long time, it would probably grow to a size resembling some large dinosaurs.

Again, it is case of the Bible not being a science text. It doesn't pretend to answer all the questions of science. It does, on the other hand, answer the more important question: How can I reestablish a relationship with God after I sin.

On a lighter side and not part of the answer I sent this questioner, as a graduate of Carlsbad (New Mexico) Senior High School, whose team nickname was the Cavemen, even I am a "Caveman." So I, of all people, have to admit cavemen exist, though not necessarily in the manner this questioner meant.