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What Does the Bible Say About..Euthanasia?

What is your understanding, of what the Bible says, regarding euthanasia? I'm aware that the Bible gives only four specific examples (that I know of) where the act of killing is justified. Defending ones self, defending another, defending a country, and killing a criminal as subject to the law. However, euthanasia seems more complex, though perhaps it isn't - I could be blinded by my judgment and not that of God's. At any rate, I'd appreciate your views, seeing as you're very learned in biblical knowledge and I would assume very close to God. Thank you.


Some people might take exception to your listing any justification for killing, especially in defending yourself. While I generally accept your statement, it answers your own question. If the justifiable reasons for killing are defending self, another, country, or society, then what threat is the person subject to euthanasia posing? If they are dying anyway, they are no threat to society or person.

That is the ethical argument. The example I find of euthanasia in the Bible is found in 1 Samuel 31:3-4. King Saul was mortally wounded and his armor bearer refused to euthanize him. He is neither praised nor condemned for this choice. So the Bible really doesn’t take a position on euthanasia, per se.