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What Does the Bible Say About..Being Fearless?

Iím working on not having fear for anything. If Iím to be in a fight, do I continue fearlessly, or is the right thing to do to prevent it fearlessly. (Like know that your do not fear, but do fight if its unnecessary or would it be better to fight, if it came to it, to prove your fearlessness, or what?)


I am not sure why you are working on eliminating fear. Fear is a valuable emotion. It prevents us from trying to beat up a person who is clearly larger and stronger than we are. We are commanded to fear God. (Please see What Does the Bible Say About..Fearing God? and Being God Fearing for more about that.)

If you fight someone just to prove that you are fearless, you may succeed in proving that you are stupid as well. The wise man may be the one who does not fear what others will think if he chooses not to fight. This is essentially what Solomon says when he advises against joining gangs in Proverbs 1.