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What Does the Bible Say About..Finding a Mate?

What does Isaiah 34vs16 mean when it says none of the creatures of the earth will lack a mate? Because the lord has commanded it to be so, His Spirit will bring them together. Arenít Human beings included in the "creatures"? If so is it a promise then that God has promised to provide a mate for each one of us?


If you read the whole chapter you find that humans are not included in this passage. The chapter is about the destruction of Idumea (now part of Jordan, one main city of which is the ruin we now call Petra). God, through Isaiah, predicts that the cities of Idumea, such as Bozrah, will be destroyed. Then he says that these cities will no longer be inhabited by men, but instead the wild animals will live where men once dwelt. The verse you ask about is simply saying that in these cities the animals will be so numerous that they will have no trouble finding mates. In essence, this is a comparison. When the cities were occupied, the wild animals were few because people drove them out or killed them. After the destruction they will be many because there will be no people to drive them out.

This is not a promise that every person will find a mate, although that is generally true. It is not even a promise that every animal in all places will find a mate, although that is generally true. It is just a description of how desolate the cities of Idumea would become.