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What Does the Bible Say About..What Book to Read?

If I want to start my walk with God what book in the Bible should I begin reading?


Many people would suggest the book of John because that is the simplest of the gospels (the books about the life of Jesus). I, however, would recommend the book of Acts. That book answers the question “what must I do to be saved?” It gives a history of the beginning of Christianity, shows how it spread, and shows how all kinds of people can be Christians. It also is encouraging to know that these people survived persecutions and hardships greater than most Christians in the world today will ever face.

After the book of Acts, I would recommend the book of James. I called a class I taught on James “Practical Christianity.” It tells people the practical side of living as a Christian should live.

Although the Revelation is a very good book, whose message is that Christians will overcome the Roman persecution that was soon to happen, I recommend that you read it last. It is written in symbolic language and may be hard to understand.