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What Does the Bible Say About..Firstfruits?

Is first fruit applicable to the present day church? How much can i give as first fruit? Should first fruit be giving along with my tithe in the month am giving my first fruit?


The law of giving of first fruit was only applicable to the Jewish people, and many rabbis say (based on Deuteronomy 26) that it was only applicable to those living in the Holy Land. Therefore, unless you are Jewish and live in Israel, even under the Law of Moses it does not apply to you. First fruit was in addition to the tithe.

The law does not specify how much of the first fruits they gave. With animals it would be the first born of that mother. With crops it would be a portion of the first day of harvest, but does not say how much.

Since most people today do not produce their own fruit, unless you are a farmer or a gardener the law would probably not apply anyway.