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What Does the Bible Say About..Noah's Ark Today?

Has Noah's ark been found? I heard it was found but some corrupt officials tried to destroy or destroyed it somewhere in Russia.


I don’t know if anyone recently has discovered the remains of Noah’s ark. Of course, if corrupt Turkish or Armenian officials covered up such a discovery we wouldn’t know.

I personally doubt that anyone could discover remains of the ark. It was made of wood. Once he had no more use for it Noah probably just walked away and left it. Look at some pictures of old “ghost towns” in the western U.S. states and you will see that wood left under those conditions doesn’t last long. It is not likely to be able to find remains of a one-time use wooden boat after four thousand years. Even if something were found, it would be difficult to prove it was the remains of the ark. Even if that could be proved, it would really make little difference to those who believe, and wouldn’t convince those who don’t believe.