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What Does the Bible Say About..The Number Eleven?

In the last couple years I have been seeing the number 11...or 11:11 on all my clocks...1.11 if I even buy a pound of lunch meat it comes up all 1's...Im just wondering what this could mean. I see these numbers every day if not every other....If you have any idea or know where I could find information about this, I would be grateful. Thank you for your time.


There is no biblical significance to the number 11, except as a number.

Now that I have given you the biblical answer, let me offer one other answer. After a few random times that you noticed the number eleven on clocks (I assume you only notice it on digital clocks and not clock dials) you conditioned yourself to pay attention to it. You probably look at the clock many times a day and never notice the many times it does not come up with an 11. (Statistically, there will be an eleven on the clock almost 1/10th of the time.) Because you think that you see ones more frequently, you notice when you do. In baseball this phenomenon manifests itself when a fielder makes a great play to end a half inning and then is the first batter the next half inning. People notice it when it happens and comment on it, making it seem that it happens more often than it actually does.

People who play the lottery using numbers they seem to be seeing more often lose at the same rate as those who play random numbers. This seems to indicate that they are thinking they see these numbers more often, but that they have no special significance. I suspect that the same is happening in your case.