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What Does the Bible Say About..Gay Preachers?

Can a person who says he used to be gay be a preacher?


The Bible does not define a person as “a homosexual” (gay) in the way we do today. The Bible does not say it is a sin to “be gay.” It says it is a sin to perform homosexual acts. The Bible is not concerned with feelings but with actions. If a person has stopped performing homosexual acts, he is no longer committing that sin.

Can one who used to commit that sin be a preacher? To that I would ask, can a person who was accessory to murder be a preacher? One of the greatest preachers in the Bible, the apostle Paul, was such a man. I knew a preacher who was a recovering alcoholic and drug user. It actually helped him preach to people with those problems.

In truth, any preacher is one who used to be a sinner. It doesn’t matter what the sin is. If he has been forgiven by God, and does not continue to practice that sin, then it should not keep him from preaching. If he willfully continues to practice the sin then he probably should not be preaching, whatever the sin is.