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What Does the Bible Say About..Going to Heaven?

I am posting this question because the questioner did not leave a valid e-mail address. Perhaps he will be able to get the answer here.

Will all Christian groups go to heaven?


Groups wonít go to heaven; individuals will. There are those who are in all the groups that claim to be Christian that will be really surprised when they are rejected, and others that just try to follow God as closely as possible without affiliating with any particular denomination that will be accepted. That is the point of the description of the judgement that Jesus gives in the latter part of Matthew 24.

God said, through Ezekiel, ďThe soul that sinneth, it shall die.Ē (Ezekiel 18:4) A person will not get into heaven because of his parentís (or his kidís) righteousness. Nor will he get into heaven based on in what organizations he claimed membership, or the righteousness of others in those organizations. Religion does not save anyone; the church does not save anyone; only the blood of Jesus the Messiah can save anyone. We are saved based on Godís grace and our own acceptance of that grace through obedience.