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I need to know how to study bible.


Studying the Bible is like any other study. I consider the first step to be a general familiarity with the subject. In other words, read the whole Bible to see what it says. Pray before you read it, asking God to help you see what he wants you to know.

Once you have read through it, read it again with a view to more careful study. There are tools to help you with this. A Bible dictionary will be helpful. This is especially true if you are using a translation of the Bible that uses religious words rather than a simpler translation of the concept. (Please see Church Words and Religious Jargon for my previous articles about such words.) Another good tool is a concordance. This is a listing of words in the Bible and where they can be found. With this, if you want to find out other verses that use a word you come across in your study you can do so easily. The best web site for this sort of thing, in my opinion, is www.blueletterbible.org. A concordance and a dictionary are the only really valuable tools you might need.

One other thing to help you in your study might be a commentary. There are commentaries about the whole Bible, or commentaries for individual books of the Bible. As the name implies, these are books in which men make their own comments about the meaning of the Bible. While I frequently use a variety of commentaries for close study, I always have to remind myself that these are just some people’s thoughts. Some are good and some are not so good. Some try to explain what the Bible says and others try to explain what the author thinks it should say.

A couple of other thoughts might help. Set aside a time and place where you can study without interruption. It is best if this is a consistent time, the same every day. Also, spend some time studying with other people, either in a formal Bible class or just a couple of you studying together. This can be valuable because, “If I know something I know it, and if you know something you know it, but if we tell each other what we know we both know it.”

The Bible is important, yet many people read it only occasionally and haphazardly. It is good that you think it important to study properly. May God bless you in that study.