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What Does the Bible Say About..Hunger?

What does the Bible say about hunger or hungry?


I find at least 65 instances of either "hunger" or "hungry" in the King James Version of the Bible. The context ranges from literal hunger for food, to being hungry for the word of God. Hunger is sometimes a punishment on people who don't follow God's word. At other times it is a natural result of being unable or unwilling to obtain food. God's people are commanded to help feed the physically hungry. More importantly, they are to hunger for God's word and give God's word to those that are hungry for righteousness.

If you are looking for something specific related to these words, I recommend you get access to a good concordance (a book containing all the references to the words in the Bible) and look up the passages found under the words hunger and hungry. If you don't have access to a concordance through a church or personal library, go to a site that has the entire Bible and search capability, such was www.blueletter.com. In their search box enter "hunger, hungry" and the computer will display all instances of the word for you to read.