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What Does the Bible Say About...Interracial Marriage?

What does the bible say about inter-racial marriage? I have searched and have not found that it is wrong and do not feel that it is wrong. Is it wrong for me to intermarry if my family forbids it, but I feel that it is God's will?


The Bible never condemns interracial marriage. After all, we are all descended from one couple, so we are all part of the same family in a sense. The main ethnic discrimination in the New Testament is between Jews and non-Jews, but that wasn’t based on race as much as on religion.

The main mention of an interracial marriage in the Bible (other than possibly the love story in the Song of Solomon) is found in Numbers 12. Moses had married an Ethiopian woman. This upset his brother and sister. Instead of complaining about that, though, they complained about God speaking through Moses and not them. As a result, Moses’ sister was stricken with leprosy.

This shows us several things. First, many will take an interracial marriage as an excuse to complain about other things in your life. Second, if you do get married to one of another race you can expect some people to speak or act against it. Third, God did not object to the woman Moses had married, so He does not object to interracial marriages.

Also, remember that from the beginning God called for a married couple to leave father and mother and cling to one another. Sometimes that becomes a forced leaving when the parents won’t accept the person you marry, whether of another race or not.