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What Does the Bible Say About..Church Jumping?

Does the bible say anything about being a church jumper, or did some preacher make that up. I think Pastors start those things and then they become part of the Bible. I feel if a church is not doing things correctly and I contribute to it, IT is my choice which one I chose to attend. I really get sick and tired of menís ideas. I also hear often that if youíre looking for a perfect church, you'll never find one. Really I donít recall the Bible or Paul saying that either. All of sudden we have added scripture. Can you tell me if itís in the Bible? It isnít to my knowledge.


The Bible says nothing about ďchurch jumping.Ē That is because at the time the Bible was written, every indication is that there was only one congregation of the church in each city. Even Ephesus and Antioch in Syria, the second and third largest cities in the Roman Empire, apparently had only one congregation in each. Paul represented the church in Antioch, not the churches. He wrote to the church in Ephesus and spoke to the elders from the church in Ephesus, not the churches.

Any time somebody claims that the Bible teaches something, and you donít think it is in there, you should ask that person to show it to you in the scriptures. We have the luxury, or temptation, of having multiple churches to choose from. Nobody will be able to show you from the scripture, however, that it is wrong (or right) to visit several and decide which one you want to attend.

While it is probably true that you will never find a perfect congregation, it would be wrong to say that there is a scripture that says that, directly. I have heard the phrase, but have never heard anyone claiming it was part of scripture. We can express ideas and opinions, as long as they donít contradict scripture, and not be in the position of making them the word of God. When we try to bind such opinions or ideas on others, though, we become wrong.