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What Does the Bible Say About...Kissing?

What does the bible say about kissing, while you are dating? Should you stay away from it altogether? Even if you are going to be dating for a few years before you get married?


The Bible says nothing about kissing while dating. The Bible is not a book of specific rules for every situation, but is a book of principles for everyday life. Even though the Law of Moses gave many specific rules, even the rabbis knew that it was the principles behind them that God really wanted us to learn. So, God doesn’t specify what one can or can not do while dating. In fact, dating is a new concept, even in America. Instead the Bible gives us principles such as maintaining sexual purity until marriage and setting an example for others. If the culture you live in frowns on kissing while dating, then it would be a bad example to do so. Otherwise, the Bible doesn’t address the issue.