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What Does the Bible Say About...Luicfer?

In a Christian school they are teaching that Lucifer is a beautiful angel. Can you give me scripture supporting this? Thanks.


There is no scripture supporting this theory that I can find. In fact there is only one reference to the name “Lucifer” (which means “light bearer”) in all of scripture: Isaiah 14:12.

Many mistakenly try to make this verse refer to Satan because of the reference to “falling from heaven.” To do so is to take it out of context, however. This verse must be read as part of the whole passage, Isaiah 14:4-27, which is very clearly speaking about the kingship of Babylon. God, through Isaiah, is saying that the rulers of Babylon would try to exalt themselves as gods, but would be brought down because of it, and because of taking God’s people captive. Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, himself wrote about a fulfillment of this prophecy in Daniel 4. The ultimate fulfillment of the prophecy is described in Daniel 5 (the story of the handwriting on the wall).

You are to be commended for questioning what someone else is teaching about the scriptures. Even if what they are teaching is right, it is proper to ask where it can be found in scripture. Otherwise your faith is based on what someone else says, not on the word of God. Good for you.

I would suggest, however, that you ask the one who is teaching that Lucifer is a beautiful angel where they get that idea. If they can prove their theory then you will learn something. If they can not, then you may have actually helped the teacher to learn. Then you will be the teacher and they will be the student.

I received a response to this answer from another reader who believes I did not carefully read the scripture before giving this answer. His question and my response can be found here.