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What Does the Bible Say About...The Manner of Sacrifices?

I just recently was told that the manner Jesus was crucified was the same manner as Levite Priests prepared for sacrifice an unblemished lamb. Related to the binding of their hind legs together, spreading of their front legs. Removing their entrails and wrapping around their crown. Are you aware of any information? I have read from Pastor John McArthur that Roman solders used various spices and other instruments (hyssop) to mimic Jewish Ceremonial rites. If you know of any information I would greatly appreciate it.


According to the eminent scholar Alfred Edersheim (in “The Temple: Its Ministry and Service” Chapter 5) the sacrifice was bound with the front and back legs on each side tied together, rather than the hind feet together. Wrapping the entrails around the head would seem an unnecessary practice and probably would violate various kosher laws about making sure all the blood was properly drained. However, I have found nothing to either confirm or deny this practice.

I had not previously heard that the Roman soldiers tried to mimic Jewish ceremonial rites. I can find nothing to confirm (or deny) that. The Romans were famous for allowing the conquered people their own religious freedom, as evidenced by their failure to try to suppress Judaism. It would be out of character for Roman soldiers to mock openly the religious practices of others. From what I have read about crucifixions, it was common to offer the condemned a drug to deaden the pain and thus lengthen the time before death. The use of hyssop (a familiar medicinal plant even today) or other drugs would not necessarily be a mockery of Jewish rites. Actually, the only way hyssop would be used as a mimic of Jewish rites would be if it had been used to sprinkle the blood of the victims. This was not common practice, since crucifixion was essentially (other than beatings before it) a bloodless means of execution. This does not mean that the Romans did not mimic the Jewish practices, but there is no evidence in scripture that they did. I have found no evidence in my limited search to show that they did.