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What Does the Bible Say About..Masons?

Are Free Masons bad people and does the bible say anything about them? A lot of their practice comes from the Bible.


Are Freemasons bad people? Well, I have known some who weren't the nicest people in the world. I have known some who were very good people. Being a Mason doesn't make somebody good or bad. But I suspect you mean, is it wrong to be a member of the Masonic Lodge?

The Bible doesn't say anything about the Masons specifically because they did not come into existence for about 1400-1600 years after the Bible was written. There are many, though, who say that although some of their practices are biblical there is enough about the society that violates scripture. One such argument by a preacher friend of mine can be found at www.padfield.com. His analysis is based on experience with relatives and others who have revealed, in violation of their oath, what happens in the lodge. Many who object to the Masons, however, do so with little real knowledge of the society or what they practice.

My principal objection to the Masonic Lodge or any other "secret society" is that they are unnecessary. At least, I have never felt any urge to join a lodge (although my father was a Mason) because I have the church to fulfill the need for fellowship and encouragement. I can practice my Christianity openly; why should I practice some of it as part of a secretive group.