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What Does the Bible Say About..Missing Bible Books?

Are there really missing books of the bible?


Are there missing books of the Bible? By definition, no. The Bible claims to be the complete and inspired word of God. Many of us who believe this also believe that God has had a hand in maintaining the Bible essentially intact and unchanged for thousands of years. If there were inspired books that are no longer in the Bible, they would not be included because God did not want them included. To some this may sound like mere rationalization, but to those who believe the Bible to be what it claims this makes perfect sense.

Historically there are no “missing” books of the Bible. The books we now have are those that have generally been accepted throughout time as being God’s word to man. The books of what is commonly called the Old Testament are those books that have been considered by the Jews to whom they were written to be inspired. The books of what is commonly called the New Testament are those books that were generally accepted by Christians as inspired. Admittedly, some of the books of the Bible had some early on who did not accept them as scripture. However, most did accept them. There are some books and letters that a few accepted as inspired, but most did not because of internal or external inconsistencies. The group of books included in the Catholic Bibles, but called by others Apocrypha, was never accepted by the Jews as being part of the Bible, and was not accepted by most Christians until many years after the current books of the Bible had gained common acceptance.

To call a book of the Bible “missing” you would have to show that at one time it was generally accepted as scripture, but later disappeared. There are no such books.