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What Does the Bible Say About..Mosquitoes?

Why did God create Mosquitoes?


This is an interesting question. It is more suited to an entomologist than to a student of the Bible. Nevertheless, I did some research into the value of mosquitoes.

One value of the mosquito and its relative, the housefly, is that it reproduces in quantity. Therefore, it becomes a food source for a variety of birds such as the bullbat (nighthawk) and the whippoorwill. Mosquito larvae are a major food source for a number of fish; without mosquito larvae some types of fish might even die out.

Perhaps the more important value of the mosquito, though, is population control. Because mosquitoes suck blood they carry diseases from one animal to another. (Most male mosquitoes are nectar drinkers, not bloodsuckers.) By transmitting diseases, mosquitoes are responsible for culling the weaker animals out of herds. Sometimes this can be a bad thing. Mosquitoes carry malaria, and it is estimated that half of the human population throughout history has died of that one disease. Nevertheless, the population control of various species of animals is of ecological value.

The Bible doesnít say why God created mosquitoes. Maybe he didnít. Maybe he just created houseflies and some adapted into mosquitoes. Even if it doesnít say why God created them, we can look around and marvel at the ecological value of such a seemingly unimportant part of Godís creation.