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What Does the Bible Say About..Saying "When the Spirit Moves Me"?

I am asking in regard much the same question I just read here about blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Since my father died, it was like I woke up and knew I needed to go to Heaven to see Daddy, that I couldn't fall away from God and His blessings again. So I have been doing all I can to praise God daily, worship Him with my whole heart, give myself completely to Him and put him first and foremost. I try not to speak or think idle words or thoughts. I rebuke Satan daily! Recently my husband and I decided to leave the church we've attended for about 30 years. We're going to a much more spirit-filled, worshipful place and just excited to get to church every time! So the devil is beating me with this. Last night out of nowhere came this thought that maybe once or twice in my life I made this careless not-thinking comment to something someone would ask me...they'd say "Are you going to do this or not" I'd reply with "When the spirit moves me." Is that idle talk? I didn't say it with any animosity toward God or the Holy Spirit. I know there are all kinds of spirits...but I am doomed to eternal damnation? I am just sick with worry over this. Maybe it is just Satan telling me I'm doomed, that I shouldn't even try to serve God, that its over for me. And when I sinned after once being a Christian, have I blasphemed the Holy Spirit? Please help me.


Saying "when the spirit moves me" can not be considered blaspheming the Holy Spirit, particularly if at the time you were thinking of your own spirit and not him. Even if you were thinking of the Holy Spirit, as I indicated in the answer you referred to, that doesn't fall under the idea of blasphemy expressed in the scriptures. In fact, it is almost the same as saying "if the Lord wills" I will do it, which is even scriptural. "Ye ought to say, if the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that." (James 4:15) It may have been idle talk, but God can forgive you for idle talk, and anything else if you ask his forgiveness and are one of His. Nor is sinning after one becomes a Christian blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise everyone would be guilty, for we all sin even after having been saved. That is why God provided that Christ's blood continually cleanses us (1 John 1:7) if we ask forgiveness (Acts 8:22).

Although the Bible doesn't say so directly, I suspect you are right in thinking that the devil tempts you more when you are praying and trying to follow God. After all, if you aren't trying to follow God he doesn't need to work hard on you, because you are already "in the bag," so to speak.