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What Does the Bible Say About..Marriage in the New Earth?

I know there will be no marriage in heaven but will there be marriage on the new earth?


Only four passages talk about a “new earth” and they don’t explain much. Two of those passages are in Isaiah (65:17; 66:22). They appear to be speaking about the age of Messiah, which Christians believe we are in right now. 2 Peter 3:13 is the only one that seems to indicate a new earth after this earth is destroyed. However, the passage may be interpreted to say that we are looking for the “new earth” on this earth. The most familiar passage is Revelation 21:1. It mentions a new earth, but doesn’t elaborate. Then it talks about the New Jerusalem (presumably part of the New Earth) coming down out of heaven.

Taken all together, and especially in the context of the Revelation and Isaiah, the new earth is probably Christ’s church, “wherein dwelleth righteousness” (to use Peter’s phrase). If so, then certainly those who are in the new earth are able to marry, just as those in the world are able to marry.

If the new earth is some future existence after the judgement (and there is little in scripture to indicate this), then we know nothing about the new earth. That would include a lack of information about whether people will marry in it. If it is some existence after the judgement, then it is probably descriptive of the alternative to heaven. Since we will be in a different body it would be presumed (but not directly stated) that those who are in eternal punishment (the new earth??) would not marry, just as those in heaven do not marry.

Since the Bible does not specify anything about the new earth, it does not answer your question. My recommendation would be to live to be in heaven so you won’t have to worry whether the new earth is hell or not.