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What Does the Bible Say About..Loving the Person, Not the Sin?

You say that we should "love" homosexuals, but not accept their homosexual behavior. How can we love homosexuals and not approve of their behavior at the same time? A homosexual is going to commit a sin by having sex with the his/her same sex, that's why he/she is a homosexual. So when you hang out with a homosexual or if you’re friends with one, isn't that still approving of them since that's saying to them you do not care if he/she is a homosexual?


It is possible to love people who commit homosexual acts and yet not approve of their behavior. It is possible to associate with people and yet not be approving of their actions.

As a parent I love my sons. That doesn’t always mean I approve of their behavior. They have been known on more than one occasion to do things of which I did not approve. Yet through it all I still love them, and associate with them. Loving a person certainly does not equate to approval.

There are, in fact, times that love demands disapproval. We are to love one another. “By this shall all men know you, if you have love one for another.” (John 13:35) This love is not entirely an emotional thing, however, but rather actively striving for the best for another. If I think that homosexual behavior is a sin that will cause another to be eternally punished, then love may demand that I call it a sin. But that doesn’t mean I stop loving or associating with the person. In fact, failure to associate with a person is more correctly saying you don’t care than maintaining a friendship in spite of their faults.

I further maintain that a person “is a homosexual” because of past acts, not because he “is going to commit a sin.” You don’t call a person a murderer until after he has committed murder. You don’t even necessarily say that he will murder again. Likewise, a homosexual is one who has committed homosexual acts, but he could choose never to do it again.