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What Does the Bible Say About..God Being Everywhere?

Please Help! My 13 year old is asking, "How can God pay attention to all of us at the same time. There is so many people talking to Him, demanding His attention, and then you have new babies every day.... How do I know He loves Me and even cares for us as an individual?" "AND HOW CAN HE BE EVERYWHERE AT THE SAME TIME?"


Thirteen years ago you were able to do the laundry, fix supper, and listen for the baby all at the same time. (Iím sure this is true, because you were a mother.) In terms he is more likely to understand, his computer can run multiple windows at the same time. If he has a broadband connection he can download music, upload pictures, e-mail, IM, and talk to a friend on the telephone, all at the same time and all on one line. These are just physical examples of multitasking. God is a spiritual being and not limited by time and space (and bandwidth) like we are. He is more like an infinite number of itnernets working together. These are just poor examples because we canít fully understand being without time, place, or other limits.

That is sort of an answer to your last question. God can be everywhere at the same time because he is not limited by where or when. Because we are limited we canít understand fully what it is like not to be so limited.