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What Does the Bible Say About..God's Nature?

Are illogical questions impossible to answer about God? Like for example, Could God create a rock so heavy that not even he could pick it up?

I would like to know something about the nature of God. Is God subject to mass? or gravity? Also do you have scripture to support your answer?

Lastly, as I read in Genesis about the creation and it said that God divided the light from the darkness. But isn’t darkness the opposite of light? How does that work?


If they are illogical questions, they would be impossible to answer about anyone. The old question about God making a rock too big for him to pick up is not illogical. It is based, logicians say, on faulty logic, and is therefore meaningless.

God is the creator of things physical, and is therefore beyond physical “laws” like gravity. Mass is a term for physical things, and God is not physical. “God is spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” (John 4:24) We can’t understand the nature of God in many cases because we think in physical terms, and he is not limited by the physical.

Light is not the opposite of darkness, but the absence of it. Nevertheless, there are even some physicists who say that light and dark are independent but mutually exclusive physical events. That is, there are light particles and there are dark particles. In either case, light and dark are separate, and God made them that way. The author of Genesis may have been explaining this in simplified terms for his initial readers. That doesn’t make it any less true that they are separate at all times.