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What Does the Bible Say About..Pastor's Aides?

Many churches have a Pastor's Aide or Pastor's Aide Committee. What does the bible say about this person or committee?


Since the word “pastor” or “shepherd” in the Bible always refers to the elders and not a preacher, then (assuming the men appointed in Acts 6 were deacons) the deacons are a “pastor’s aide” committee.

Other than that, the Bible says nothing about such a person or committee. Depending on their actual duties, that does not mean that it is wrong to have one. It is just that it is not required by the Bible.

If "pastor" in these committees refers to the preacher, then the Bible is silent about such committees or people. Since it is a man-made institution, the duties and composition of such a committee can be dictated by whomever is responsible for creating the committee or position.