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What Does the Bible Say About..The Problem of Evil?

Why does God let things happen like someone breaks their arm or loses a body part or they’re injured for life but they’re Christian? Why would God let that happen?


Yours is an age-old question? Why do bad things happen to good people? It is the subject of the book of Job, Habakkuk, the Revelation, and many of the Psalms, just to mention the parts of the Bible that address it.

When Job asked, “why me,” God’s only answer was, “you can’t comprehend my ways.” David’s conclusion in some of the Psalms, and God’s answer to Habakkuk, was that we can’t always see what good is coming as a result of (or in spite of) seemingly bad things happening.

One possible answer to your question is that God doesn’t control every detail of our lives. We have free will. As a result, some bad things happen because of people’s bad choices. The person that breaks an arm may have done so by choosing to climb a tree using a weak branch, and fell. That is a result of his poor choice, not of God’s actions. A person injured by a drunk driver suffers from that driver’s poor choice. If God did not allow us choice then he could protect us from all physical or spiritual harm, but then we would be mere robots. God wants our worship and good works because we choose to give them, not because we have no choice.