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What Does the Bible Say About..Disease As a Punishment?

I have heard an argument about how God condemns sexual intercourse between homosexuals because of the high rate of catching and spreading around STD's and that is his punishment. Isn't that like saying God punishes sexual intercourse between man and woman because you could also catch STD's?


Actually, sexual activity between a man and his wife, neither of whom have had other sexual partners, runs no risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases, unless they also participate in other at-risk behaviors. So those who would claim that AIDS is punishment for homosexual activity would probably also say that STDís would be Godís punishment for extramarital sex, which is also a sin.

Of course, anyone who makes those claims is themselves guilty of claiming that they know the mind of God in areas where God has not spoken. What pride! We can say that diseases came as a result of Adamís sin. We canít say that specific diseases came because of specific sins (except possibly the miraculous disease that the King James Version calls leprosy, which has nothing to do with the disease we now call leprosy). The Bible doesnít assign specific diseases to specific sins, so for anyone else to do so would be claiming knowledge they canít really have.