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What Does the Bible Say About..Reading the Bible?

I am interested in starting to read the Bible. How should I start? What book should I start with first?


There is no set answer to your question. Some people can just pick up a Bible and start reading from Genesis through Revelation. Others are confused by that. One suggestion I have heard about is to buy and read a “Chronological Bible.” These should be available online or at any Bible book store, and just have the historical sections of the Bible, in chronological order. This is a way to study the “what’s happening” of the Bible, although it doesn’t always get into the “what is in it for me” questions.

Some would say to start with the New Testament, reading Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the Acts first and continuing from there. The book of John is probably the most translated book, and therefore a good starting point. The only problem with reading the New Testament first is that some books (Romans, Galatians, Hebrews) are best understood with a knowledge of the Old Testament.

Others get more out of a directed study course. There are many Bible correspondence courses available, where you study the material and send in your answers, then get the next lesson. The one with which I am most familiar will be sent to you if you enroll at World Bible School. After completing the courses available you will have a good basic knowledge of the Bible. Then you can read in more detail following a reading plan that can get you through the Bible in six months or a year.