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What Does the Bible Say About..The Words and Pronouns of Jesus?

Why aren’t all the words that Jesus spoke in red? Or He/His referring to Jesus capitalized through the bible?


A number of years ago “red letter editions” of the Bible were popular. In these, the words of Jesus were supposed to be in red. Sometimes some of the words in red were verses that it was questionable whether they were the words of Jesus or the writer commenting on those words. The best example would be John 3:16 and following, which was probably the words of John and not Jesus. The problem many Christians had with red letter editions of the Bible is that it made some people think that the words of Jesus were more important than the rest of the Bible. They got the idea that if Jesus said it, it was important, but if Paul said it under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit it was less important. That just is not so. “All scripture is given by inspiration of God.” (2 Timothy 3:16) The words of Jesus are no more important than any other words of God.

In some versions of the Bible, the pronouns (like he and him) referring to God and Jesus are capitalized. In others they are not. That is simply the preference of the editors of the version. Some think that it shows more respect to God that the pronouns referring to him (or Him) are capitalized. Others say that we don’t ever capitalize pronouns, since the rules of capitalization in English refer to nouns but not pronouns. There are no scriptures that say we should or should not capitalize these words. In the original Greek and Hebrew there were no capital letters, so we can’t even use that as a basis for capitalizing anything (even proper names).