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What Does the Bible Say About..Second Chances?

The Israelites were given repentance many times when they sinned against God and God himself even asked them to return to him. My question is this, why weren’t Adam and Eve given another chance when they sinned against him in the Garden of Eden? Weren’t they the first children created by him with his own hands and his breath given to them?


I would disagree that Adam and Eve were not given a second chance. Since the sentence for disobedience was death (“On the day you eat of it you shall surely die.” Genesis 2:17), God could have destroyed Adam and Eve immediately and we would not be here. Instead, God gave them a chance by decreeing physical death, but not immediately. They then had the opportunity to obey God the rest of their lives. I would say this was a second chance on the same order as God changing his mind and not destroying all of Israel in the wilderness (Numbers 14:11-21).

Even if sin is forgiven, however, the consequences of that sin may continue. Andrea Yates was still executed for murder, although she was baptized for forgiveness of sins while in prison. Jeffrey Dahmer still remained in prison, and was killed there, as a result of his serial killings, although he was forgiven of his sins. Adam and Eve were forced out of the garden for their sin, even if God gave them a second chance.