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What Does the Bible Say About..Seven Years of Plenty?

In the year 2007 will there be seven years of plenty then seven years of slack?


The only reference in the Bible to seven years of plenty followed by seven years of slack applied to Egypt during the time of Joseph (Genesis 41). That applied only to Egypt at that time and not to any other time.

Since the Bible does not predict specific events for our time, and even climatologists with all their science canít predict that precisely, I donít know what the next fourteen years will hold. Even if there were a way to predict plenty and famine you would have to determine the bounds. There have been more than seven years of slack in some places on the earth right now, and more than seven years of plenty in other places at the same time.

Note added in 2009: Considering the current recession in the United States, 2007 obviously did not usher in seven years of plenty for Americans.