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What Does the Bible Say About..Sin Nature?

If Adam and EVE had no sin nature and they sinned why do people say we are born with one and thatís why we sin? They were not created with one and still they sinned. DONT we as they did AQUIRE a sin nature, where does the bible says its passed on thru the Fathers blood. Doesnít the word say that sin entered the world by one mans transgression, it doesnít say there it entered into man.

I have heard some say we arenít sinners because we sin, we sin because we are sinners. That doesnít make sense. Adam and EVE did NOT sin because they were sinners. Donít we acquire that nature after we sin?

Please help me with biblical proof to tell me HOW Adam and EVE could sin if they were not created with sin and NO sin nature, but now we must be born with one to sin, IT MAKES no sense.


You are right. It makes no sense. At least, based on what I can find in the Bible it makes no sense to believe that.

No scripture talks about a ďsin nature.Ē I cannot explain why any individual says what they do, so I canít explain why some people say we are born with a sin nature. You would have to ask them. I do know that they would be hard pressed to prove it from the Bible.

Read the fifth through eighth chapters of Romans. There Paul talks about what you are asking about. He says that sin came into the world through the choice of a man, and death because of sin. We all die because we choose to sin. (That is a summary of chapter 5.) When we are baptized we put off the old life of sin and begin a new life. We may still sin, but we no longer walk in that pathway. We choose to try to live in Godís way, because we are now his creatures. (Chapter 6) Sin comes because of law. Where there is no law, there is no sin. But because God has law, we have an awareness of choice and therefore of sin. That doesnít mean the law is bad, just that we make bad choices. We know to do right, but still do wrong when tempted. (Chapter 7) Even though we may sin, we have forgiveness because Jesus lived sinlessly in the flesh. If Christ be in us we become spiritual rather than fleshly and no longer want to live a life of sin. (Chapter 8)

What all this says to me is that Adam and Eve sinned, as we sin, not because it was in their nature, but because God gave them the ability to choose. Since the tempter made it look like a good choice they made a bad choice. We do the same. If it were in our nature to sin, then God would be unjust to punish us for doing what comes naturally. It would be the same as if God were to punish us for breathing or sleeping.

Some of those who believe it is in our nature to sin also hold that God has chosen beforehand who will be saved, and if God didnít choose you then you can do nothing to be saved. They also believe that Jesus only died for those who God chose, that those chosen ones cannot sin once they are saved, and that they cannot lose their salvation. This presents an arbitrary God who cares nothing for mercy or justice, goodness or love.